Gotemba Kogen Resort – Hotel Policy and Rules

The hotel management requests that every guest comply with the below listed Hotel Policy & Rules
in order to ensure a safe and pleasant stay.
When the Guest does not conform with the provisions of the Hotel Policy & Rules,
the Hotel may refuse the Guest’ s accommodation or use of its facilities.
Please note that the Guest may need to compensate for damages.

■ Matters to be observed to prevent fires

1 Please refrain from smoking in places where fires may be easily caued (e.g., in bed) or places where there are no ashtrays.
2 Please do not bring into the guest room or use any heating or cooking appliances, heaters, irons, etc.
3 Please refrain from taking any other action that may cause a fire.
4 Please do not meddle with the firefighting facilities as it will hinder our safety maintenance efforts.

■ Matters to be observed to ensure safety

1 Upon arriving in your room, please examine the map on the back of the door for evacuation routes.
2 Please be sure during your stay that your door is locked when leaving your room.
3 Slippers provide by the Hotel may only be worn in the Guest Room. To prevent accidents, please do not wear your
slippers outside your room. (This applies in particular to the case when guests go to the large common bath.)
4 Please use the front lobby or the coffee shop, not guest rooms, to entertain visitors. (The same rule applies for
attendants working at banquets in the hotel.) To contact guests, please use the house phone in the Lobby.

■ Handling of valuables and deposited or lost articles

1 Please leave money and valuables at the Front Desk, with your name and address, for deposition in a safety deposit box.
Please note that the name shoud be that of the owner of the money or valuables. If a proxy is to deposit or withdraw items,
the name and signature of the proxy are required. Loss of a safety deposit box key shall result in a \15,000 charge to
the guest for the cost of changing the lock. Please understand that it takes some hours to open a safety deposit box
without the key.
2 Please bear in mind that the Hotel shall not be held liable for damage caused by loss or breakage of money or valuables,
in cases where Guests have not deposited such items at the Front Desk. Safety deposit box keys may not be left
at the front desk.

■ Payment

1 Please pay accommodations and other charges at the Front Desk with Japanese currency (yen), or credit cards recognized by
the Hotel at the time of your departure or upon the request of the Hotel.
2 Travelers’ checks are not accepted. When signing for a bill in the restaurants and other facilities in the hotel,
please show your Room Key. The signature should be that of the person in whose name the room is registeded.

■ Other matters to be observed

1 Please do not bring into the Hotel such articles as may disturb other guests (dogs, cats or other animals, etc.),
heat-emitting or explosice items, maldorous material, articles liable to cause danger or other articles the possession of
which is prohibited by Japanese law.
2 Please refrain from shouting, singing or other loud activities, gambling, actions which may contravence public morals or decorum,
or other activities which may disturb other guests.
3 Please do not use the Guest Room, the Lobby or other facilities for business purposes (exhibition, advertisment,
publicity, sales and others) without permission of the Hotel.
4 Please do not alter the equipment or fixtures in the Hotel or use them for unintended purposes.
5 Please do not display or leave articles in the window, on the balcony of your room, in the hallways or in the Lobby.
6 After using the bathroom or washroom, please do not forget to turn off the water. If the water remains running, causing the bathtub
or washbowl to overflow, the damage may spred to the adjoining or downstairs guestrooms.
If damages occur, the Hotel will claim damages from the Guest.
7 Please do not enter the hotel wearing geta (wooden sandals), roller skates, rollerblades or footwear equipped with wheels.
8 The hotel may refuse accommodation to minors unless they have permission from their guardian(s).
9 Please save electricity and water to conserve energy.
10 When a call is placed from a guest room, telephone-use fees are added.
11 Slippers and yukata (cotton bathrobes) provide by the Hotel may only be worn in the Guest Room.
However, this does not apply to sandals to be worn to go to the large common bath.
12 Loss of a room key shall result in \10,000- charge to the Guest for the cost of changing the lock.